The best version of you, with Melisterra

A new year has arrived and you want to take stock from the previous year and set new goals for 2024. At Melisterra we want to accompany you on this journey full of challenges.

10 de January de 2024

2023 was a remarkable year for Melisterra, marked by the introduction of our unique product line, Melisterra, Bee Natural. Our first major triumph was the launch of the Melisterra Selecta honeycomb, a one-of-a-kind product available in a convenient 160g case format.

Click here, and you can buy it online at Club del Gourmet · El Corte Inglés (4.973) ( or any physical store of El Corte Inglés Gourmet. Home – Melisterra (You will find the section at the end of the web)


At Melisterra, we encapsulate the essence of nature in every product.

Our PANAL is a testament to this, a natural and authentic product, straight from the beehive to your table. We are dedicated to not just providing you with quality products, but also to your well-being.


We closed an important page in 2023, which was the launch of our company and brand of products, Melisterra Selecta, with the top sales in the 160g case market. We continue to focus this year, 2024, on new healthy proposals for you and expanding brand territories, with many surprises that we will tell you.


In addition, Melisterra wants to support your goals for this new year, 2024, with some healthy tips, which you will find below.

A new ME with Melisterra

At Melisterra, we not only offer natural products from the beehive, but we also want to inspire and support you to reach your healthy goals with some simple tips for 2024:

  • Follow a balanced diet accompanied by our Melisterra products.

  • Drink one and a half liters of water a day.

  • Be physically active.

  • Take care of your rest.

  • Find your motivation.


¿Why do we think of the beehive as a treasure?


Honey is an inexhaustible source of liquid gold. This golden nectar is not only a delicious delicacy but also an elixir loaded with beneficial health properties. Therefore, it is a perfect ingredient for your meals and gives them a sweet and natural touch.


At Melisterra we are committed to the philosophy of an active and healthy life. This includes, among other things, eating healthier and honey can be an ingredient that sweetens your dishes and be part of delicious recipes that you can try. The good thing is to use our products as you wish, alone or with others.


We tell you how to do it in an example below.


  • Make an energizing breakfast with fresh fruit, yogurt, and a touch of honey—you’ll see how yummy it is!

  • Eat at home whenever you can, and dive into our recipes on the web page Receta – Melisterra

  • You can also use them to dress salads and prepare different appetizers.

  • PREPARE HEALTHY AND QUICK snacks; nuts with honey are a great option.


  • Make purifying teas with Honeycomb, a treat for your throat during these cold months.

¿Are you ready to keep your healthy resolutions for 2024? With Melisterra, you will! It promises a year full of emotions, achievements, and sweet surprises.

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