They take care for us

Melisterra is a new project, though it comes from a team with over 25 years’ experience working with beehive products. Surely you have heard of the excellent properties in honey, propolis, and royal jelly – but have you had a chance to savour their benefits? We bring our bees’ treasures to your palate – purely and naturally, straight from our beehive to your table.


Beehive products have excellent health properties and help your well-being. So we want to make them available to you and everyone.

Our greatest challenge is respecting bees’ wonderful work while revealing their best-kept secret, selecting produce to help you discover all the hive’s treasures.


We are not the first, but we know how to do things differently, imbuing them with our own essence and personality.
We aim to gain your trust and positively impact people’s, bees’, and nature’s well-being.

Sweet well-being

At the beginning of time

The first bees appeared a hundred million years ago. Yet it is never too late to venture out and discover the precious gifts they offer us. At Melisterra we promote a philosophy that starts with a healthier, more active lifestyle while also allowing ourselves those tiny moments of indulgence we all deserve.

Brand attributes

Committed to bees.

Bees care for us, and we are deeply grateful, savouring the delights the beehive offers.

Healthy lifestyle

Caring for our defenses is vital, so we invite you to do so naturally. Because nature inspires us, gifting us the finest ingredients.

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