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A pleasure raised to the nth degree comes from Melisterra: the bees' most delicate creation, their honeycomb. Whether sweet or savory, it offers a genuinely new taste. High beekeeping craftsmanship.

Completely “Home made”

The desire to embrace nature permeates every detail of our lifestyle, and in this longing, the beehive represents the epitome. Bees collect nectar from flowers, pollen from their stamens, and sap from trees, enriching them with royal jelly and wax to build these little homes turned into delicious temptations.

The Melisterra Selecta honeycomb is entirely 'HOME MADE' and provides honey in its purest state. The combs are carefully selected and cut into portions


Our passion for natural and unique flavors has led us to create an exquisite and healthy combination: nuts with honey.

This is a gift from nature presented in a handmade design package of 420g. It contains a carefully selected blend of nuts that merge with the delicious taste of honey for a unique experience.

This product is an excellent source of fiber, rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants, and a source of vitamins and minerals. It is a nutritious option to enjoy whenever you like, as a snack, or added to your favorite dishes.

And many more products that will leave you amazed…


Delicious liaisons

Choose the moment, and we will offer you our pairing proposals.

Discover new ways to enhance flavors and aromas by blending our Melisterra products with ingredients that complement each other perfectly to provide an extraordinary experience.

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